Whenever speaking of laser cutting, Glowforge might come to your mind. Maybe it’s time to change, especially when xTool Laserbox came into the market and been announced Reddot Award 2019 Winner. The article mainly lists the difference between xTool Laserbox and Glowforge from 4 aspects for your reference.

Part 1. xTool Laserbox Functions More Powerful than Glowforge

Part 2. xTool Laserbox Software Functions More Versatile than Glowforge

Part 3. xTool Laserbox Guarantees More Exquisite Works than Glowforge

Part 4. xTool Laserbox Provides a Safer Working Environment than Glowforge

Part 1. xTool Laserbox Functions More Powerful than Glowforge

Without further ado, we’d like to show you 6 practical features that xTool Laserbox excels in while Glowforge doesn’t support.

Reason 1: xTool Laserbox supports direct laser cutting or engraving without software

xTool automatically recognizes black lines for engraving and red for cutting, making it possible to laser what you draw. All you need is to use black or red marker pens to draw your desired design on the material or any piece of A4 paper, place them in Laserbox and press the button to get started.

Note: The following 3 features have successfully applied for innovation patents.

  • If you draw directly on the material, just put the material in Laserbox and let it bring sketch to life.
  • If you draw on the A4 paper, put the paper together with the material in Laserbox and leave it to laser what your draw

Moreover, xTool provides you A4 paper with official default image designs for a quick start. Just use a marker pen to choose one, write any symbols within the rectangle in the bottom, then place the paper together with the material in Laserbox and press the button to start.

  • xTool Laserbox can laser what you pick by cutting the selected image and engraving the characters accordingly.

Reason 2: xTool Laserbox resumes working whenever you stop

If you open the lid, both xTool Laserbox and Glowforge stop emitting laser beams and pause the task. However, xTool can proceed from where left off by closing the lid, Glowforge requires you to start all over again.

Part 2. xTool Laserbox Software Functions More Versatile than Glowforge

We all know that Glowforge can’t work without its web-based software, so what about xTool? The truth is the desktop software makes xTool Laserbox more worth buying.

Reason 3: xTool Laserbox offers 3 options to connect software with laser engraving machine

  • Glowforge only accepts WI-FI connection to control its 3D laser printer, that is to say, the smoothness of its operation totally depends on the network speeds.
  • By contrast, xTool Laserbox provides WiFi, USB and Ethernet 3 methods to connect itself with the free desktop-based software, ensuring a more flexible, convenient and stable operation.

Note: Since Glowforge app is web-based, you can work from your Mac, Windows and Linux computer, iPad, iPhone and any Andorid devices as long as there is network. In addition, it works and upgrades without any installation.

Reason 4: xTool Laserbox supports DXF and TIF file formats

xTool Laserbox works seamlessly with .dxf, .tif, .svg, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .bmp and 10+ file format exported from those common design software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inkscape, CorelDRAW, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Google AutoDraw and more.

Reason 5: xTool Laserbox includes all-in-one design tool for endless creation

Unlike Glowforge (with few functions to support graphic design), xTool Laserbox software features a wide range of graphic toolkit, including:

  • Advanced Graphic Editing: Union, substraction, intersection, differentiation, add line, etc.
  • Various Graphic Library: 20+ basic graphics in general use and 50+ industrial components with standard size.
  • Auto Graphic Adjustment: Align graphics in one click and array one graphic to multiple for laser cutting.
  • Embedded Filter Setting: 6 filters available to tune your design to different styles.
  • Intelligent Image Extraction: Take out the images, designs, or drawings from any surface for further creative design.

Reason 6: xTool Laserbox enables customized material settings for easy retrieval

Both xTool Laserbox and Glowforge can automatically recognize their official material and provide default parameter settings for laser cutting/engraving. Then how do they perform other supported unofficial materials?

  • xTool Laserbox enables you to customize the uncertified material to the list together with the parameter settings, and store them for next use.
  • Glowforge only allows you to set the material thickness, speed, power and other settings for one-time use. You need to reset each time you cut uncertified material.

Part 3. xTool Laserbox Guarantees More Exquisite Works than Glowforge

Neither xTool Laserbox nor Glowforge will think little of cutting/engraving accuracy, but xTool Laserbox achieves higher competitive advantage over Glowforge.

Reason 7: xTool Laserbox equips 3 auto-focus modes to ensure accuracy

It seems that material recognition and thickness setting are the 2 basic elements for laser cutting machine to guarantee the accurate output. xTool Laserbox develops Visual Identification to broaden this to unofficial material.

  • xTool Laserbox will intelligently initiate Visual Identification rather than Thickness Setting once it detects you’re not using official material, then the laser head will emit a red light beam on the material surface, the high-definition ultra-wide lens finish the auto focusing process based on its recognition of the light spot size on the surface.
  • Glowforge will require you to manually measure the thickness of the uncertified material to make sure it can perform engraving and cutting properly.

Reason 8: xTool Laserbox always makes clean cut

Due to the different working mechanism, xTool Laserbox and Glowforge also have different outcomes.

  • xTool Laserbox utilizes the air pump to force out a burst of compressed air, removing smoke/fumes and minimizing the pollution around the machine, namely, the air assist system keeps contaminants away from the focus lens and ensures the best cutting outcomes.
  • While the fan adopted by Glowforge only deliver a small volume of air, which is not concentrated enough to protect the focus lens from contaminants. As a result, Glowforge always scorches the edges of consumables while working, exerting a bad influence on perception.

Part 4. xTool Laserbox Provides a Safer Working Environment than Glowforge

Regardless of those cool features, safety always comes first. Undoubtedly, there’s no let-up in the security performance against Glowforge.

Reason 9: xTool Laserbox offers 8 safety warning signs in advance

  • With 8 built-in high-performance sensors, xTool Laserbox alarms uses of high laser temperature, error in water cooling system, laser head reset, error in the camera, filter cartridge clogging, and other types of safety risks.
  • Glowforge only works in the environment under a specified temperature range, resulting in its temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature rather than the temperature of the water-cooling system or the laser tube.

Reason 10: xTool Laserbox shields itself from catching fire

  • xTool Laserbox employs the shield certified to UL94 V-0, the highest fire-resistance rating, making sure it is flame-retardant and will not catch fire.
  • Like most plastics, Glowforge can ignite if is exposed to open flames, with the risk of fire or explosion.


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