Simplest Collaborative Graphic Design

xTool Laserbox software includes all-in-one graphic design tool allowing you to create amazing graphic design in an easier and quicker way.

  • Advanced Graphic Editing
  • Various Graphic Library
  • Smart Graphic Adjustment
  • Automatic Image Vectorizer
  • Intelligent graphic process including union, substraction, intersection and differentiation
  • Startup editing tool like add line, text, rectangle, etc.
  • 20+ basic graphics in general use
  • 50+ industrial components with standard size
  • Align graphics in one click
  • Array one graphic to multiple for laser cutting
  • Auto convert image to scalable vector graphics
  • Create graphic design without losing resolution
  • filter-origin-img
  • filter-effect-img

Optimize Photo
for Laser Engraving

Laserbox software empowers you to create grayscale black and white images ready for laser photo engraving.

  • Auto-tune your image with 6 variations
  • Easlily alter engraving effects for the laser
  • Apply filter effects to any source image

Create Like A Pro, No Skills Needed

xTool Laserbox software also provides advanced working area to make delicate curve line, extract exsiting design, etc., fulfilling your creative design needs.

  • Image Extraction
  • Contour Extraction
  • Visual Operation

Image Extraction

Laserbox intelligently takes out the images, designs, or drawings from any surface for further creative design.

Contour Extraction

Laserbox accurately outlines any enclosed images in seconds like advanced design tools extract contours.

Visual Operation

Laserbox enables you to preview and adjust your design on any materials before laser cutting or engraving.

Engrave Image in One Click

  • 1 Place your desired design in the laserbox
  • 2 Draw a square to select area for image extraction
  • 3 Get the extracted image on the canvas for laser engraving

Customize Cutting & Engraving Settings

  • customize-icon

    Recommended Default Setting

    For xTool offical materials, Laserbox auto-recognizes material and recommends default parameters for cutting and engraving accordingly

  • customize-icon

    Customized Setting for Easy Retrival

    For other supported unofficial materials, you can manually set up power/speed parameters and save them for future use

Accurate Laser Cutting Guarantee

With the built-in 5MP ultra-wide-angle camera, Laserbox supports real-time viewing on your design on the material either from the software working area, or through the transparent lid.

Live Camera Preview

  • Visible working area for laser cutting & engraving
  • Position your design properly on the material

Real-time Processing

  • Preview how Laserbox cuts or engraves your design
  • Tell the remaining time via progress bar

Pause and Resume at Will

  • Pause working whenever needed
  • Resume where left off after adjustments 

Strong Compatibility for Wide Use

Laserbox software works seamlessly on both Windows and macOS. In addition, it also has wide compatibility over connection modes, supported languages and file formats, ensuring a more flexible, convenient and stable operation.

  • connections

    3 Connection Modes

    Use WI-FI, USB and Ethernet to connect software and laser engraving machine

  • languages

    7 Languages Available

    Support multi-language including English, Chinese, Italian, Russian and more

  • support formats

    10+ Files Supported

    Work seamlessly with .dxf, .tif, .svg, .jpg, etc. directly exported from common design software