Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


About xTool

Where is the company? Is there a warehouse in the United States? Is there a repair center?

Our company is registered in California, USA, and we have dedicated American warehouse and after-sales service personnel to gurantee customer’s after-sales experience. Our head office is in Shenzhen, China, and we have established subsidiaries in Japan and Europe to serve users all over the world.


What can laserbox be use for?

Laserbox is a smart tool that can provide engraving and cutting functions. The power is 40w. It is suitable for makers, craft enthusiasts, craftsmen, creative designers, architects, teachers and other groups. It is mainly used for:

1.Carving patterns on items to customize special souvenirs or accessories. Making fun toys, building block models, etc., and you can sell your own handmade works on the creative market.

2.Recopying patterns on paper quickly and build realistic models. You also can adjust pattern design at any time to increase accuracy.

3.Creating various teaching cases to increase the interest of the class.

4.Making special gifts for friends and family.

In addition, there are many use cases. Any ideas you imagine can quickly become reality and have the opportunity to bring business opportunities.

Is Laserbox safe to use?

Laserbox has triple protection mechanism:

  1. Multiple high-performance sensors can monitor issues whenever necessary. Through various ways identify and predict risks in advance, such as voice prompting, lights flashing, software prompting, etc..
  2. Hall switch design can indentify problems in time. All work to cease when you open the lid
  3. The PC/ABS material designed exterior can effectively prevents danger from happening, which is heat-resistant and durable.
Will Laserbox be hard to use?

It is easy to operate the Laserbox, three steps only:

  1. Open the lip
  2. Put designed A4 paper or official material into the Laserbox
  3. Close the lip and push the button
I am not a designer. Can I still leverage Laserbox to create something?

Of course you can! We have fully considered various needs of customer. We have two options for you to choose. Firstly, you can draw directly on A4 paper or official material,then put it into the Laserbox for engraving or cutting. Secondly, you can design with software, which has various graphic materials and basic cases to help you quickly improve design efficiency.

How many types of Laserbox series? How is Laserbox pro different from Laserbox startup?

Laserbox has two types, which are Laserbox Pro and Laserbox startup.

1.Laserbox Startup is specially designed for small craftsmen and craft enthusiasts who have just started a business. It can not only realize the engraving and cutting functions simultaneously, but also has the same design software as the Laserbox Pro, and its price is more favorable, which is very suitable for newcomers who have just started a handmade business or are interested in laser engraving and cutting.

2.Laserbox Pro is designed for customers who’s seeking business growth. It has three special functions, which can realize your ideas more quickly and intelligently, greatly improving work efficiency. Please click the link for more specific details

Do I have to use Laserbox with software?

You can choose to use with software or not. With the use of software, more complex patterns can be designed to meet the needs of professionals. By the way, you can download software for nothing. Of course you can use Laserbox without software, you can draw directly on the wood, acrylic, leather and then put it into the Laserbox, push the button and engraving or cutting immediately.

How is Laserbox different from Glowforge?
  1. In terms of functions, we are the same as Glowforge, both of us leveraging camera to support visualization. But we are smarter and easier to use(Just need 3 steps to make ideas happen:Firstly, open the lip. Secondly, put designed A4 paper or official materials into the Laserbox. Thirdly, close the lip and push the button)
  2. In terms of product materials, Laserbox use industrial-grade guide rails, air assistant system, etc. to ensure the accuracy of engraving.
  3. In terms of product safety, we set up various risk warnings mechanism, predictions system, and first-class fireproof materials, etc..

If you want to know more specific information, please click here


Where to download the software?

In our software page you can download the software freely.

Please click our software page to download or you can learn more about the benefits of software provided 

Do I need to pay for software upgrade?

Currently we provide free software services and we will update the software timely.

How to install software on Mac?

Please download the software for Mac system directly.

Please follow the instructions.

What's the difference between Bare metal operation and Software operation?
  1. Bare metal operation: you can use our unique functions to experience the joy of creation. You can draw directly on wood, leather, acrylic, etc., Laserbox can copy this pattern into any material you want to create.
  2. Software operation: you can achieve more complex creation with software,for example, compatible with various design software formats, intelligent selection of patterns, etc..
How to connect the Laserbox with software?

We provide three connection options: USB, WIFI, Ethernet.

Here is a tip: you still can use Laserbox without internet connection.



What materials can Laserbox cut?

Paper, Corrugated Paper, Wood, Acrylic, Cloth, Denim, Leather, Base Plate, ABS-based Color Board, PET, Rubber, Veneer, Cork, Sandpaper, Food, Glass Fiber, Plastic, Delrin etc.

What materials can Laserbox engrave?

Paper, Corrugated Paper, Wood, Acrylic, Cloth, Denim, Leather, Base Plate, ABS-based Color Board, PET, Rubber, Veneer, Cork, Sandpaper, Food, Glass Fiber, Plastic, Delrin, metal, etc.

Does it support engrave on a cylinder?

Laserbox Pro and Laserbox Startup does not support engrave on cylinder. But it can engrave on a certain plane of the cylinder. For example, you can engrave on a coke cola can.

What is the thickest materials can Laserbox cut? How large is the working area?

Laserbox work well when the thickness≤15mm. The working area is 500 x 300 mm(About 19.6*11.8inch).

Does Laserbox support visual operation?

Yes, we provide 5MP High-resolution Ultra-wide Camera, which support visualization work.

How about the accuracy of the engraving?

The high-definition camera lens we provide can acheive visual operation. Blowing system to ensure that the laser is not affected by debris. Multiple design details enhance the accuracy of engraving.



Is it necessary to buy a Laserbox smart air purifier ?

For environmental protection, we recommend you to buy a Laserbox smart purifier. Of course you can buy other purifiers portfolio, but pay attention to matching the size of the Laserbox connection port.


What's the differences between purifier and blower?

The purifier is an intelligent system to purify the smoke, and which will not emit pungent smell; The blower discharges the smoke directly outdoors for purification based on physical principles.

What is the diameter of the Laserbox purifier interface? Is it a general size?

Yes, it is general size, the diameter is 60mm.



How long the filter can be used? Is it replaceable?

It can work for 30-40 hours continuously. The filter can be replaced.

Can Laserbox use non-official materials for cutting and engraving?

We encourage users use various materials to engrave and cut . Welcome to share your works with us. Please contact us at

Payment Methods


How many kinds of the payment terms ?

You can pay through Paypal, Credit Card, Affirm Instalment and Bank Transfer.

In addition to the USD, can I pay in other currencies?

We only accept USD.

If I use Affirm to pay in installments, how to calculate the interest rate?

Please click the Affirm for payment. Affirm official platform will provide you with an optional installment plan based on your credit card level.

Do you support Interest-free payments?

Sorry, we do not support Interest-free payments.



Is there any Educational Preferential Policies?

Due to the different scales of schools and different ordering requirements, we have set up different educational preferential policies according to the number of orders.

Please contact our customer service manager and we would love to


Is there any discount for purchasing 3 sets or more once time?

We have corresponding preferential policies for this kind of multiple orders. Please contact our customer service manager for more specific

How to get extra laserbox coupon?

Please contact our customer service manager for more specific

I am an influencer, can I apply free product to review?

Welcome to such applications. Please contact our customer service manager for a consultation:


When will my Laserbox arrive?

These two types of Laserbox are in the different warehouse, so the delivery time is different:

Laserbox Pro: 2-3 weeks

Laserboc Startup: 1-2weeks 

Do I have to pay extra shipping cost, taxes or tariffs?
You don’t have to pay any shipping cost, but you need to pay a little taxes.
Do you have home delivery service?

Yes, we support free home delivery service.

What should I do if I haven't receive my Laserbox after I place an order for long time?

We will send you the tracking number about 3 working days after you place the order. You can check it at any time. If you haven’t received your Laserbox over 3 weeks, please contact:





What should I do if the Laserbox is damaged or has functional issues?

As each customer is facing different problems, we need to provide advice on specific issues. Please contact our after-sales service team:

How long is the warranty period? Can I extend the warranty period?

Warranty period:

Laserbox Pro: 12 months

Laserbox Startup: 6 months

Very welcome to extend warranty period. However, since different customer places the order in different time, the fee of extending warranty is also different. If you want to know details, please contact our customer service manager for specific details:

How about the return policy during the warranty period?

The after-sales team will return the machine or components for free for the quality of the product after accessment. If the damage is caused by human factors, it will be bore by the customer.



What should I do if the water pump leaking machine doesn't work?

Due to different conditions in pump damage , we need to check out the situations of damaged machine to give a solution. Please contact our after-sales service team:

How to replace the broken components?

Sorry for that situation, due to the complexity of the damaged parts, we need to check out the specific damage situation. Please contact our after-sales service team for alternative plan: